Working with Schools

With every school project we aim to set a new benchmark for educational landscapes

Playstreet have gained a reputation as industry leaders in school landscape architecture, through a design approach grounded in our research and knowledge of child and adolescent development and psychology.

We have had extensive experience in contemporary and innovative school landscape design within Tasmania, and maintain close connections with the childcare and education industry. We strive to lead the way in school landscape design that embraces contemporary, progressive pedagogical thinking. We actively participate in state-wide forums on topics relating to education and space. From these conversations combined with our ongoing research, we have created a unique approach to the design of external play and learning spaces.

We are committed to providing spaces that encourage curiosity and inquiry-based learning, risk and resilience, and joy and delight. Our richly layered designs aim to create dynamic sensory experiences – stimulating all of the senses particularly proprioception and vestibular. Our spaces nurture students, staff and the environment with a strong focus on both human comfort and ecological sustainability.

Student consultation is a fundamental part of our process. By speaking with students we have discovered interesting trends that inform the spaces we design. For instance, spaces for health and well-being have become standard with students overwhelmingly asking for quiet and restful spaces – places to ‘chill out.’

Playstreet’s design approach consists of a thorough design exploration process, coordinated with the consultant team to ensure an integrated detailed construction package.  This enables a more competitive tender process and cost control during construction, limiting and mitigating risk. Playstreet has a proven track record in delivering projects of high quality, within time and budgetary constraints.