Cataract Gorge Playspace

Cataract Gorge is a landscape of contradictions.  Wild edges formed millions of years ago by earthquake and exposed to the constant weathering are combined with the cultured landscape of the Victorian Garden era giving it a distinct and unique sense of place; a calmness surrounded by evidence of natures forces. It is very much a landscape dictated by water and its movement contained within a geological timeframe of history.

The spatial design and materiality of the playspace was inspired by the nature of water, especially the force at which it can operate, the turbulence, eddies, spinning, swirl and motion set amidst the serene Victorian garden environment.  The combination of man and nature.

A fusion of nature based play and contemporary landscape architecture and playground design, Playstreet have created an inclusive environment and play space that is engaging, thought provoking and ultimately fun and challenging.

The playground has enhanced Cataract Gorge as a destination for visitors, whilst reflecting the rich history and nature of place.

Projects: Parklands & Playspaces Project Details

City of Launceston
Launceston, TAS
Constructed 2018
Jonathan Hearn Landscape Design and Construction