Collins Court Hobart

Part of the City of Hobart Inner City Action Plan, Collins Court was the catalyst for injecting vibrancy into the forgotten urban fabric of our city. An underutilised laneway that was seen as a pilot project to establish Hobart’s own laneway culture.

‘A steady pulse, a soft drumbeat of life occurring between buildings with a warmth that draws you into a space full of opportunity to meet, gather, laugh, play, contemplate and enjoy our delightful waterfront city.  A space that builds community, appealing to all age groups and cultures thereby creating a melting pot of different people who will in turn bring their energy and enrich the site.’ From this idea of how we envisioned the space sprung the concept.

The delicious rumour that gold bullion had been smuggled down the laneway from the Reserve Bank led to the idea of a deconstructed gold bar spread throughout the space from which elements could attach as well as acting as light gantries. The form also referencing the gold frames of artworks of the old auction house that once stood there.

The space has been designed to cater and appeal to all ages, a place for loose, flexible play and performance. A place that makes you instantly smile. Designed to be multipurpose, encouraging day and night activation with power points, free wi-fi and services for food and drink vans. An ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ moment in the city.

Projects: Civic Landscapes Project Details

City of Hobart
Hobart TAS
Complete 2017
City of Hobart
2019 / State Winner, WE-EF After Dark Competition
2019 / National Commendation Award, WE-EF After Dark Competition
2016 / AILA Tasmania Chapter Award of Excellence / Civic Landscape