Cradle Mountain Dove Lake Shelter

In collaboration with Cumulus Studio Architects and Parks and Wildlife, the Cradle Mountain shelter and landscape treatments provide a unique visitor experience through high quality design in the heart of Cradle Mountain National Park. Located on the existing bitumen car park, cars will be removed from the location, with all visitors arriving by bus. The building and landscape are inspired by the striking Cradle Mountain landscape — lichen and stylised tarns, sharp boundaries and a mosaic patchwork — shaped through extreme geological and environmental processes — processes that continue to shape the environment upon which the plant communities are based.

Landscape construction methodology focuses on healing the  existing impacted landscape to the building edge using vegetation sod from proposed construction areas,  and placing it on areas to be rehabilitated. Plants have been grown on from provenance stock.

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Parks & Wildlife Service
Cradle Mountain National Park
Opening 2020
Cumulus Studio
Habitat Nursery