Garden of Memories

The brief was to design a meaningful garden where the ashes of passed guide dogs could be scattered and in which plaques could be displayed in their remembrance — memorialising their lifelong service.

The circular geometry divides the space to create smooth defined edges of contrasting materials for the vision impaired.

The infinite line of the circle garden beds represents the idea of life having a beginning and end, whereas memories being eternal.

A stylized circular dog tag has become surface expression. The artificial grass circle represents the tag while the hole becomes a watering hole for dogs — a small reticulated drinking bowl water feature, complete with a stainless-steel post on which to attach the tags of the dogs that have passed.

Illuminated artworks give the park a lovely night-time ambiance. A screen pays homage to the language of braille and spells out, ‘Six legs, one journey’ in oversized braille dots.

The garden is filled with aromatic plants and has been kept simple to respond to the needs of the visually impaired. A bench seat offers a spot for contemplation.

The space builds on the City of Hobart activation plan and plays a role in connecting the edge of the city to nearby North Hobart.

Projects: Civic Landscapes Project Details

City of Hobart / Guide Dogs Tasmania
North Hobart, TAS
Constructed 2018
City of Hobart
Guide Dogs Tasmania
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