Kingston Park Community Engagement

Playstreet has been working closely with Kingborough Council to deliver and the Open Space Master Plan for Kingston Park, Kingborough’s new development in the centre of Kingston.

Consultation with the diverse Kingborough community was seen to be essential to the success of Kingston Park and the delivery of a thriving and vibrant public open space that represents the aspirations of the community. Various engagement methods have been developed in order to reach a broad cross-section of stakeholders and the general public. Methods included targeted consultation with a large number of stakeholders, attending community events and markets, an online feedback forum, and workshops with local primary and secondary schools.

It was expected that the various groups consulted with regards to Kingston Park would have very different priorities, so it was a pleasant surprise to learn, as the consultation progressed, that the key concerns and aspirations were largely consistent between the groups despite the variations in age, abilities, and relationship to the parkland.

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Playspace opening 2020
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