The Hutchins School Nature Based Play

An existing bank around the oval was being used for nature play but was starting to experience some erosion. Access into the space was steep and problematic. The project aimed to enhance the existing natural play experience subtly, without detracting from the play already occurring. Consultation with the students revealed that they were engaged in a fairly complex and imaginative game involving bases and a type of currency made of rocks that was being exchanged.

A series of mini forts was designed as bases with storage for sticks and materials used for building forts. A large central fort was also added along with a yarning circle for outdoor learning, ropes for aid in accessing the steep sections of bank and a more manageable access and entry to the space.  Rehabilitation of eroded areas of the bank has also commenced, with a focus on local, native species.

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The Hutchins School
Sandy Bay, TAS
Complete 2024
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